How To Import Footage On VN Video Editor

One of the important elements in the video editing process is importing footage since it enables you to import your media files into the editing program and begin producing your masterpiece. A simple method for importing video is provided by VN Video Editor, a well-known video editing program. In this step-by-step tutorial, we’ll show you how to import footage into VN Video Editor, making it easier for you to begin your video editing adventure.

How To Import Footage On VN Video Editor

How To Import Footage On VN Video Editor Defined

Step 1: Launch VN Video Editor first

Open VN Video Editor on your device to get started. Make sure you’ve downloaded the app from the appropriate app store since it’s accessible for both Android and iOS.

Step 2: Create a New Project in this step

After starting VN Video Editor, choose “New Project” to begin a fresh editing project. Depending on the application version you are using, you could be asked to provide a project name or choose a template. To continue, adhere to the on-screen directions.

Step 3: Access the Media Import Panel in step three

You will be brought to the main editing interface after establishing a new project. You may usually find the “Media” or “Import” button at the bottom or top of the screen. To import your video, tap on this button to open the media import interface.

Step 4: Select the import source

You will be given a variety of import choices on the media import screen. You may import video into VN Video Editor from a variety of places, including the gallery on your smartphone, online storage services, or the camera itself. Based on where your video is, choose the appropriate import source.

Step 5: Look through and choose footage

Locate the video you want to import after selecting the import source by looking through your files. To choose a file, just tap on it. The vast variety of video formats that VN Video Editor supports ensures compatibility with the majority of media assets.

Step 6: Import the video

Tap the “Import” or “Add to Project” button after choosing the clip to import it into your project. The program will start the import procedure, which might take a while depending on the size of the file and the speed of your device. When the import is finished, the video will show up in VN Video Editor’s media library or timeline.

Step 7: Organize and edit the footage in Step 7

You may arrange your footage in VN Video Editor now that it has been properly imported. To organize the imported clips in the correct order, drag and drop them into the timeline. Basic editing options like cutting, dividing, and adding transitions are also available in VN Video Editor, allowing you to polish your footage and produce a great video.

Step 8: Export and save your project.

It’s time to save your project after you’ve completed editing your video. You may save your altered video to your device’s gallery or export it to a variety of formats that are appropriate for sharing on social networking platforms or other channels using the “Save” or “Export” option that is normally provided by VN Video Editor.

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Things to Remember

File Formats and Resolutions That Are Supported

It’s crucial to know that VN Video Editor can import video in a variety of file formats and resolutions. Describe the many video formats, including MP4, MOV, AVI, and others, that VN Video Editor can handle. Additionally, list the available resolutions, which include 4K Ultra HD, HD, and even standard definition (SD). Users will have a better understanding of VN Video Editor’s adaptability and compatibility when it comes to importing various kinds of video thanks to this information.

Organizing and Classifying Imported Video

VN Video Editor gives you choices to sort and arrange the imported clips once you’ve imported your video. Describe how users may build albums or folders in the media library to group their video clips according to various projects, topics, or sources. Highlight any new VN Video Editor capabilities or tools that support efficient management and organization of imported video.

Batch import and Multiple Clip Import

You may often need to import a sequence of video clips or many video clips for your project. Talk about the handling of importing numerous clips at once in VN Video Editor. Describe how to choose numerous files or how to import many clips at once utilizing the batch import option to save time and effort. Highlight how useful and efficient this function is, particularly for jobs that call for dealing with a lot of clips.

Bringing in Video from Outside Devices

VN Video Editor may provide you the option to import video directly from external devices like cameras or SD cards in addition to importing video from your device’s gallery. Describe the process by which users may connect their devices to PCs or mobile devices and input video straight into VN Video Editor, skipping the need for further file transfers. Users that often record films with external devices and wish to optimize their process may find this option to be very helpful.

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The first critical step in the video editing process is importing footage, and VN Video Editor makes it simple. You may import your video footage into VN Video Editor without a hitch by following the detailed instructions above. From there, you can start your video editing adventure. To realize the full potential of the program, don’t forget to explore its features and editing tools. You have a flexible tool at your disposal with VN Video Editor to make eye-catching videos that engage viewers.

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